When You See This Little Boy’s Room, You’ll Be Very Jealous. My Inner Child Just Went Crazy.

Growing up can be stressful. Instead of play dates, you have blind dates. Instead of recess, you get a receding hairline. But, just because you’re not a kid anymore doesn’t mean you can’t have a play like one. Steve Kuhl, a brilliant designer and CEO of Kuhl Design+Build, can create you a bedroom that’ll tickle your inner child’s dreams. (Even if you build it for your actual child.) One of the best parts of being a parent is finding reasons to play like a kid again. If you had this bedroom, you’d be doing lots of playing pirates with your little one.

The pirate ship bedroom looks like it’s a room at a Disney world resort, but it was built custom for a client of Kuhl.

The father had it specially built for his son, Zach. He wanted to give him the fun childhood that he never had himself.

In the corner of the room is a floating pirate ship that was built using 2×12 ribs. Steve then covered the hull in stained plywood to make it look like old wooden planks.

To access the bed on the ship, you need to cross a charming rope bridge.

At the base of the bridge is a small jail cell (perfect for younger siblings).

On the deck of the ship there is a real crow’s nest where the children can climb up. There’s also space for a guest bed.

Kuhl also created some fun exits for any child lucky enough to spend time in the pirate ship bedroom.

If you’re feeling daring, there is a hidden spiral slide in one of the closets.

(Even the parents probably couldn’t resist using this one.)

Or, there’s a large rope ladder you can use to climb into a closet situated below the ship.

This makes my palms sweat in the best way.

Steve Kuhl is a creative genius… and needs to build us one of these awesome rooms immediately.

When the father revealed Zach’s new room, the little boy was ecstatic. Even Kuhl was moved. “The response from the six year old was predictably awesome and sincere. Really there aren’t many moments in my career where I have seen such glee from a client.” If you’d like your own fantastical bedroom, visit the Kuhl Design+Build website. A pirate ship bedroom like this would be worth every penny. Source: My Modern Met Click below to share this awesome room with others.

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