What This Guy’s Dad Builds In The Backyard Every Year Just Awoke My Inner Child. Awesome!

Every year, this Reddit user’s father builds an igloo for his family. You may think you know what to expect when you think “snow igloo,” but actually, you have no idea. This thing is a monstrous work of art that makes me desperately want to be a kid again.

The early stages of the igloo, after a bit of rain.

Once the rain stopped, the dad gathered all of the snow from the yard (literally) to build this awesome snow fort.

Being able to be a kid and experience this would be amazing.

At this point in the construction, there are stairs leading up to the igloo’s roof which you can step on without any issue.

The view from the inside, looking out.

The inside of the igloo has a clearance of six feet, big enough for the whole family to enjoy.

No igloo would be complete without a window and some decorations.

It’s completely normal if you feel a little jealous right now.

Living in an area that gets snow, the harsh mistress of winter, can be a pain.

Source: reddit.com

But with a dad like this, it becomes into an awesome annual tradition you could look forward to. Click the button below to share this awesome story.

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