This Guy Built Himself The Ultimate Man Cave Inside An Actual Sports Stadium.

Opened in 1965, the Astrodome in Houston, Texas was home to the Houston Astros, Houston Oilers, and Roy Hofheinz. Who’s Roy Hofheinz? He’s the former Mayor of Houston and pioneer of modern stadiums that built a private home in this revolutionary building. It had a bowling alley, movie theater, and, oh yeah, a sports stadium. Check it out!

1. Roy Hofheinz looking out at what has to be the greatest yard a home has ever had.

2. The Tipsy Tavern, Hofheinz’s private bar.

3. Dining area with a view.

4. A movie theater for when the game’s not going so well for the home team.

6. A shooting range for when the game’s REALLY not going well for the home team.

6. The billiards room.

7. Putting green and bowling alley.

8. You’ve got to keep the kids entertained, especially if you actually want to enjoy the other stuff.

9. Barber shop.

10. Beauty salon.

11. Hofheinz’s office. Someone has to keep the lights on in this place, you know.

12. A conference room for all of those groovy board meetings.

13. The exterior might not be the nicest on the ol’ eyes, but you can’t beat that parking situation.

(via: messynessychic) Living in a sports stadium. Wow. Kind of puts your big screen TV to shame, doesn’t it? Share this post using the button below.

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