This Is The Last Place I’d Expect To See Abandoned. It’s Like The End Of Times.

Nathan Pyle was walking through New York City’s Central Park last week during a snowstorm when he realized something, it was eerily empty. The perfect time to take out his camera and capture that once in a lifetime moment of feeling like you are alone in one of the world’s most populous cities.

He says he ran around the park at 7:30pm, singing the theme song to Home Alone 2 to himself while snapping away these breathtaking photos you can see below:

The Mall.


More Midtown.

One of the only other souls walking through the park on that cold night.

“That one part where I remember where I am again.”

These pigeon footprints look like a fleet of fighter jets.

Nothing says winter quite like a cold snowy night in New York City.

Source: Reddit

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