Here’s 22 Photos The Prove These Lifehacks Are Getting WAY Out Of Control.

“Lifehacking” is best described as a trick or shortcut that increases productivity and efficiency. People across the Internet have become OBSESSED with them in the past few years, leading to some truly amazing tricks that we can all benefit from. In fact, we’re betting you’ve probably read a bazillion already.

Sometimes, they can be extremely helpful (“White wine can fight red wine stains? No way!”). But as time goes by and people try to come up with new and novel “hacks”, we’ve started to hit the point of diminishing returns.

In fact let’s be real…there’s some real duds out there, and these 22 “lifehacks” prove it.

1.) There’s a line, and you sir are so far past it you can’t even see it anymore.

2.) Even Macgyver wouldn’t do this…doesn’t that tell you something?

3.) It took more time to draw the missing part than it would have taken to drive to Walmart for a new one.

4.) “No officer, my light isn’t out.”

5.) Brilliantly stupid.

6.) The truth in this makes me sad. Stop it.

7.) Redneck Grandma, eat your heart out.

8.) Sigh…you’re too easy a joke target.

9.) Apple employees must loooove this hack.

10.) You’d think this is cool, until you realize a homeless lived in this thing.

11.) Maybe this hack was design to weed out the herd.

12.) Or you could just buy a new shower head for $5…

13.) So your lifehack is to shoot yourself?!

14.) And… that’s how his microwave exploded.

15.) Because folding shirts with lifehacks takes longer than just putting it away…

16.) This was part of the 1st Annual Walmart Car Show. Seriously.

17.) A bottle of Sprite cost about a $1.50, San Pellegrino cost about $4. Someone’s good at math…

18.) Yet another edition of Lifehacker:Redneck Edition.

19.) Either learn to use them, or grab a fork. It’s not that hard.

20.) Because a hard drive isn’t working properly when facing a calcium deficiency.

21.) Seriously.

22.) Never, ever, admit to owning a bagel tote.

(via CollegeHumor/BuzzFeed/TheBerry)

What do you think, hacking gone just a littttttle bit too far? (That’s what we thought.)

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