Here Are The 16 BEST Comebacks Ever Posted On A Facebook Status. They All Had It Coming.

If you have Facebook, Twitter, or have pretty much spent any considerable amount of time online, you have read someone’s status and then proceeded to shake your head in disapproval, disbelief, or both. If you’re anything like me, you usually just ignore it or quickly Hide All Posts by this person to avoid a recurrence of such ignorance or idiocy. Thankfully for this post, not everyone takes that cowardly approach. They call them out instead. And in the case of these 16 people, their cleverness got the point across very well. Well, in most cases.

1. The real way gas prices should be determined.

2. Geography is not everyone’s strength.

3. He should probably take his own advice.

4. Gross.

5. Living in a lonelyyy woooorrrlld.

6. Okay, she deserved that.

7. Wht r u doin fri & sat?

8. A little harsh, but I don’t disagree.

9. Perspective.

10. Everyone should buy this on the 30th.

11. That’s how you stop an idiotic chain-status from circulating.

12. Awkward.

13. Nope, not yet. Neither of you.

14. Just that small detail…

15. Please, never let me see this man in person.

16. If only.

Am I the only one who was trying to click Like on some of those? Share these awesome comebacks on Facebook.

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