Here Are 24 Designs That Take Everyday Things To The Next Level. Bedroom Waterslide… YES.

Every day objects can be made so much better with just a little bit of creativity and design, and that’s what Well Played on Twitter is all about. Finding the funny and creative works of designers from all over the world. Check out these 24 examples of really creative people doing what they do best:

1) What a cool lightsaber umbrella. Keeping you away from the Dark Side on wet evening strolls with its light.

2) Who ever designed this bathroom is clearly not afraid of heights.

3) Nor this one…

4) As a Star Wars fan I’d love to have this fridge.

5) Mmm…donuts. A fun way to decorate an escalator.

6) Guess I can’t argue with that logic, alcohol is clearly the answer in this Wheel of Fortune t-shirt.

7) Best. Mug. Ever!

8) Well played plumber…well played.

9) This aquarium bed is simply amazing.

10) I wonder if he has any clue.

11) This toilet seat is quite musical.

12) That’s the only song it will play…well and “Feed Me”.

13) These flowery urinals are at a garden center.

14) Everyone loves Shark Week.

15) Baker Street station in the London Underground has some unique Sherlock Holmes themed wall art.

16) I don’t even know how you’d play a game on this pool table…but I want to!

17) This used to be a coffin, now it’s a shelf.

18) Really cool TARDIS bookshelf.

19) Someone likes Zombie flicks.

20) Fun Star Wars toilet stickers make sure that men aim better.

21) Freaky looking earbuds.

22) This is the best way to go down a floor ever!

23) Whoa…no, clearly THIS IS!

24) That’s a funny way to fence around a construction site.

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