Community Post: Why ‘The Brady Bunch Movie’ Is The Grooviest 70’s/90’s Satire

1. ‘The Brady Bunch Movie’ helped bridge generations!

The original ’70s TV family is now placed in the 1990s, where they’re even more square and out of place than ever.

2. Classic opening credits…

Featuring Shelly Long, Christine Taylor, Jennifer Elise Cox, Olivia Hack, plus Gary Cole, Christopher Daniel Barnes, Paul Sutera, and Jesse Lee Soffer. OH — and Henriette Mantel as Alice!

3. Florence Henderson even made a cameo as her own mother.

She looks exactly the same…

5. Jan is a super weird, but relatable middle child….

6. And a bit crazy.

8. Marcia is kind of a b*tch…

10. AND played by a 24-yr old Christine Taylor!

13. Jan’s therapist, Mrs. Cummings is played by RuPaul

She tries to help Jan get her sh*t together.

14. Fabulous. Mrs. Cummings: 1,000,000 points!

15. Marcia gets hit in the face with a football…

16. And can no longer pursue her dream


18. There is an impromptu trip to Sears…

19. With an accompanying musical number!!

20. 70s and 90s dating procedures clash!

21. Marcia may be a prude…

23. This happened.

24. Which led to Davy Jones performing at the school dance!

25. Sweet moves. Marcia: 2

27. BUT, Jan did run away and meet the original Alice; Jan: 0

28. Mike is an architecture GENIUS with innovative designs…

29. And a plethora of pure wisdom!

30. Yet ANOTHER musical/dance number!

A contest to win $20,000 to save their house from foreclosure.

31. Keep on keep on keep on…

32. There is also a sack race…

33. Similar to an actual Brady Bunch episode.

34. Mrs. Dittmeyer

Played by Jean Smart

35. Barry Williams (Greg) as a music producer…

36. And Christopher Knight as Coach!

37. And we can’t forget James Avery as Mr. Yeager, a neighbor.

38. Lastly, the end credits…with a twist

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